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Are You Ready To Promote Your People?

Are you ready to promote your people?

Have you ever been in this situation? You want to promote someone in your team, because (s)he has really great potential. But the actual performance isn’t always up to expectations (yet). So, what do you do? To promote or not to promote?

You want to provide the people in your organisation with the right opportunities, you want them to grow professionally and you want them to live up to their potential. But how do you do that? And how do you make sure that once you have promoted them, they will not disappoint you in their new role?


The action plan…

Of course, you can make an action plan together, with concrete actions to perform, put in some milestones and metrics and try to follow up on them. But when push comes to shove, you know that time will be limited, everyone will be busy and that there will always be something that is more important than the items on the action plan. And even when you do succeed in following up on the action plan, there is a risk that the defined actions will not guarantee success in the new role.

So, if an action plan is not the solution, then what is?


Coaching to realise potential

Coaching for promotion readiness can help to ensure that the newly promoted employee will stand up to the challenges of their new role. During the coaching journey, the coach and the coachee will map out the necessary skills and capabilities for the new role and determine where the gaps are with the current situation. They will work through different sessions to bridge these gaps and ensure that the person is ready to take on the new role.

With this approach, you are able to provide your people with the career opportunities that they deserve. They will be able to develop new skills and capabilities and they will know that they are not alone on this journey. They will understand that their company believes in them and invests in them to make them grow both as a person and professionally. And it goes without saying that this will also benefit the future loyalty of your employees.


Rise up to the expectations

And of course, the newly developed skills and capabilities will also ensure that the promoted employee will rise up to the expectations of his/her new role. Win for the employee, win for the manager, win for the company!

So, are you ready to support and grow the future leaders of your company?