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6 secrets to really get “me-time”

As a mom with 2 young kids in school, working full-time, starting my own business, having a social life and trying to live healthy, I often loose sight of myself. I run between the different locations, activities and between the different roles I play in my own life. And I don’t manage to find one additional minute in my day to have “me-time” and recharge.

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone!

In today’s world, we always have something to do and usually that something is more important than taking time for yourself – or at least, that’s the impression that we have. We don’t allow ourselves to take time for ourselves as long as there is still something on our to-do-list – and there are always at least 5 things on it. And if we finally stop doing the things on our to-do-list, we probably crash in front of the television to binge-watch another series.

So, is there no way to actually get me-time? Of course there is! There are actually 6 secrets that I want to share with you, which will allow you to really get the me-time you want!

1.   Schedule “me-time”

It might sound strange, but it actually helps to schedule your me-time. What works best is to schedule something like a massage, a sports session, a music concert, or anything where you need an appointment. This way, you will be less tempted to cancel it last minute.

But you typically don’t need an appointment for other types of me-time activities like reading a book in your sofa. Even if that is true, you should actually book it in your agenda and honour it like if it were an actual appointment. What helps even more is to also book this in the ‘family agenda’, so that everyone in your family knows that you will not be available for any other activity.

2.  Announce “me-time”

The best way to ensure you will actually get the me-time you have planned, is to announce it. When will your me-time start? When will it end? What can your family expect of you or not expect of you during your me-time? Announce this and you would be amazed about the wonders this could do.

From my personal experience, I noticed that my kids are very understanding and respectful of those moments where I announce that I will take some me-time. It has even inspired them to do some reading of their own or create some crafts.

3. Have mini sessions of “me-time” every day

Try to find something in your daily routine that you can turn into me-time. It could be taking a shower, doing some sports, playing music, doing some yoga, journaling, knitting, reading, … You can turn about anything into a moment of me-time, as long as you can really enjoy it and as long as it gives you energy.

By introducing mini sessions of me-time, you build up a ritual that reinforces the message that you deserve me-time and that you can get me-time whenever you need it.

4. Do it NOW

Whenever you feel like you should have some me-time now, or you won’t make it till the end of the day, just take some me-time NOW! Go outside for a walk, take a bath, pour a cup of tea and read a book, take a nap in the sun, make a cross-word puzzle, … Do whatever you want, but do something small NOW! And then still book that spa, that sports session or those concert tickets, so that you have something to look forward to.

5.  Stop feeling guilty about having “me-time”

Feeling guilty about me-time is probably something that is stopping us from having me-time more often than we think. We think we should first still finish those 4 items that we had planned to do, or that we should probably spend the time with kids, friends or family before we deserve to get some me-time. But we forget about all the things we already did in the days and weeks before or about all the time we have already spent with kids, friends and family.

The best way to stop feeling guilty is to talk about your plans to get some me-time. As soon as you announce your plans, you will notice people start approving your plans and even start encouraging you to persist. They might even ask you about it next time you see each other, so you will be more inclined to actually do your planned activity.

6. Do something YOU are actually passionate about

This sounds like an open door, but might be more difficult than you think. In order to fully recharge, you have to do something that you are passionate about, not something that is expected of you, not something that you should still do and disguise as me-time. It should be something that you are so passionate and enthousiastic about that it fully re-energizes you.

If you follow these tips and actually get some me-time, you will find that you will become a better version of yourself. That you will have more energy to spend time and energy on the other important people and things in your life. That you can live more in harmony with yourself. That you can give to other people without feeling depleted. That you can live your life with passion.

What do you do to get your me-time? Let me know!


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Heb je interesse om samen een coaching programma of een project op te starten? Contacteer ons dan nu voor een gratis intake gesprek!

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